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- Elaboration of investment projects and project management.
- Construction consultancy, design construction and civil industry. Design construction of urban infrastructure.
- Supervision of civil construction and industry. Design verification, the total cost estimate and construction estimates.
- Consulting bidding. Investment advice (except financial advice, accounting).
- Testing of construction materials, building structures. Commercial assessment.
- Construction of civil and industrial, transportation, irrigation, water supply and drainage systems, urban infrastructure. Leveling.
- Interior and exterior. Manufacture and sale of construction materials, interior decoration, industrial equipment.
- Geodetic Survey works. Geological Survey of construction.
- Supervision of construction of bridges, roads and civil. Design of bridges, roads.
- Supervise the installation of electricity and electrical appliances civil and industrial
- Certification of bearing safety conditions;
- Certification of the conformity of construction quality.
- Planning, architectural design works.
- Quality control of construction works.
- Freight transport by road.
- Rental of machinery, office equipment.
- Transporting goods by road.
- Rental of machinery, office equipment.